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Even if you are currently availing web services, the chances you can explain the answer to a simple question are rare: what do you mean by web services?
For a layman, web services are the communication of web services clients and servers over the web. It could be a software program that interacts with other machines within the network. Alternatively, web services also include application or cloud technology to interoperate or exchange data across the internet.
And now that you can explain what do you mean by web services, it is crucial to understand a small difference: web services vs. API. Like these services, API (application programming interphase) is also a means of communication between clients and servers. However, web services vs. API take a clear and interesting turn when API connects two applications being interphase in between.
Web services (frequently called webservices) architecture has three equally important roles viz service requester, provider, and registry. Understanding the web services architectures gives a better visual connection of the components over each other, allowing for the continued provision of these services.
A web service (or webservice) has a few widespread security issues and requirements not uncommon for the industry. These include:

  • Confidentiality
  • Authentication
  • Authorization
  • Integrity

Why is the word of mouth our main source of Client acquisition?

Our experts ensure that the clients understand the A-Z of our rapid web services, the associated concepts, web services security requirements, and other details. Our team of developers has a knack for using the exceptional functionality of Amazon web services that even the top-class webservice providers do not understand. When a client is perplexed even at the name, our experts will go as far as developing an *Amazon web services for dummies* series to bring him on the same page as they are.
Our team makes the learning and demonstration process a cinch for the clients, even if that requires the use of Pivotal Web services. Once the product is ready, they mitigate or eliminate the chance of any loopholes or flaws in the whole system at the web service testing phase. That’s how the clients get to enjoy our services and the output at their best.

Our process that sets up above other web service providers

  • We have a dedicated project manager for each client who makes sure that your requirements are heard and understood.
  • After hearing your business plan from you, your project manager would also ensure that your requirements and plan resonate with your business goal.
  • After a brainstorming session with the team, the manager would communicate alternate custom plans (or improvements) that fit your business well. Unless you are a web service provider yourself, that’s where the manager puts his teacher’s hat on.
  • Once the team and the client mutually decide the nitty-gritty of the project, the team gets to work to fetch the best possible results you could ever have.
  • Once the output is ready, we do not stop. That’s where we fully satisfy you by reviewing our own work based on your feedback.
  • Despite offering you outclass services, your projects still do not cost you a fortune. We believe in fair-play.

Here are the web services examples that experts at Canz Marketing frequently provide:

Our Web Services

Web Development

A website or mobile application is a huge opportunity for online and offline businesses. Businesses get countless opportunities to obtain sales leads from a website or a mobile app. Before you manage to generate sales leads, you need to create a website that gives the visitors an extraordinary experience. This is where our rapid web services can help you.
Our developers are equally competent in all the different programming languages and frameworks. .Net web services using C#, VB.NET, C++ and F#, PHP web services for Laravel/Codeigniter/cake frameworks, JavaScript framework, written in JavaScript, supporting Django or flask frameworks with Python, web services in ASP.NET framework using C# or C sharp languages are all their strong suits.
That’s one of the many reasons that make Canz your top pick when it comes to Web development.

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Wordpress Development

WordPress is a well-known content management system that makes it easy for non-technical people to manage content easily. First introduced in 2003, it has transitioned to an advanced form without losing the fame of having the easiest user interphase. However, despite the ease of handling even for a non-specialist, WordPress is still considered the top professional choice for creating full-fledged B2B eCommerce platforms.
Our expert WordPress developers know the ins and out, the shortest and the longest routes to make an extraordinary website for you.
The skilled developers can go from a pre-made theme to a custom theme or a unique combination of the two to develop a dynamic website that converts well. Their expertise in each of the technologies, including CSS, HTML, PHP, MySQL, REST AP, and JavaScript, makes them an ideal designer that your business could enjoy.

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Web Design

Web design trends keep changing, and keeping up with the pace is the key to success for a web design agency. We make sure you get the outstanding design that sparks the visitor’s interest.
Understanding user behavior, user experience, and color theory play an important role in website design. Our expert designers provide innovative branding solutions to your web design problems. The end product is a user-friendly, fast-loading, mobile-friendly, responsive website that orients well and fast on various screen types.
Such websites give the prospects the experience that keeps them glued to your website until they have crammed your services, have made a query, or have already ordered a product.

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Need Our Web Services Today?

Should you have any questions about each of our web-related services, feel free to contact our web services architects and exerts.
Whether you are shooting at getting a website made alone, understand the logic behind the web service calls, or catch on the system of system.web, our experts have got you covered. Their expertise in explaining the whats and hows of processes leave no room even for the web services tutorials.

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