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Baby Clothing

Client Intro: A baby-clothing store Digital Marketing Case Study. A baby-clothing E-commerce store client needed PPC and SEO services in Phoenix, AZ to increase their ROAS. See below how we helped them.

The Challenges

? This particular baby clothing client, unfortunately, had been using 3 different agencies to handle their Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and SEO. Having been burned by all the agencies, this client wasn’t happy but was still certain that it could work – just needed to find the right agency. What a beautiful mindset

? With this past experience, the client was overcautious when they on-boarded

? It was difficult to get complete historical information from the past agencies the client had worked with, making our initial audit and discovery process slower

The Strategy

With the freedom of working on an overall marketing strategy, we made full use of every platform. Facebook ads performance was assisted by great Google Ads campaigns and vice-versa. This cross-targeting helped in strengthening the SEO game for this client too.

Here’s a look at our process:

☝️ An initial audit and discovery

☝️ Audience strategy along with complete and complex funnel strategy

☝️ The marketing funnel was very complex and worked really well

☝️ Our Facebook ads strategy allowed this client the ability to hyper-target their audience to grow their brand awareness and position them properly

☝️ Using our Google AdWords, Display, and Google Shopping strategies, we were able to continue their brand awareness from our Facebook Ads strategy

☝️ Google ads at the top of funnel campaigns to exploit user intent

☝️ Retargeted with Facebook ads in the middle of funnel and bottom of funnel campaigns

☝️ Last but not least, SEO captures the organic market. The searches with relevant keyword optimization to get their brand in front of their market in literally every way

The Results

✔️ A full marketing strategy gives you the opportunity to reach an enormous amount of your ideal audience in different ways. This client wanted us to work on their digital marketing as a whole and we always love working with this type of client. You have more freedom to try out different strategies and different channels to maximize the return on investment.

✔️ With our complete marketing strategy (Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and SEO) in place, within the next 3 months, we quadrupled the number of sales and the client’s overall sales grew to whopping 173K.


Apparel Store Facebook Ads Challenges 

? As we know, Facebook ads are not an overnight solution. It takes time to test, optimize, and scale for accounts to see results. The client had not done any marketing campaign in the past when he came on board

? Everything from creating their ideal client avatar, to brand messaging, to their funnel strategy had to be built from the ground up

? It required extensive audience research, industry research, and the competitor analysis to develop the final strategy that would produce results for the client

Facebook Ads Lead Magnet

The Strategy

We quickly analyzed what was working in the industry by using our competitor research tools.

Here’s a look at our process:

☝️ With the help of the client, we built ideal customer avatars

☝️ Proper pixel installation for building audiences

☝️ Created 18 different audiences to test out in the initial phase (TOF)

☝️ We built a full funnel

☝️ We created super offers at the middle of the funnel to bring back customers on the fence

☝️ We used lookalike audiences with narrowed targeting to hit a very targeted audience

☝️ We created a solid abandoned cart email sequence to help increase their store conversion rate

The Results

✔️ During our third month, we began producing over 4x, and now 9.78x ROAS

✔️ The client believed in what we were doing and gave us the ability to test

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