185 Witty Cleaning Business Names, Ideas & Suggestions

Cleaning Business Names

After brainstorming cleaning business names, the next thing is to pick from this list a cute and clever name which differentiates you from the rest.

Naming a business may sound easy but it requires careful consideration because of the impact it can have on your business.

First of all, the name needs to be unique. It should offer an insight into the type of environment you provide to the customer.

Finding Sticky Cleaning Business Names For Your Business

We decided to help you by providing various name options for your cleaning business.  

The names we have chosen are catchy, attractive, and enticing for the customer.

These should provide you with inspiration to come up with a unique name for your business.

But before we can delve further and tell you about all these creative name options, we decided to play a little game.

Brainstorm Names of Cleaning Services

How many names have you thought of until now?

Start with creating a list of all these names. The more names you have in the list, the better.

A few points to note:

  • You will be printing these names on visiting cards, banners, and memos. So make sure they read and sound remarkable.
  • The name should be easy to remember because it is going to be the identity of your business. It should also be catchy because that is how people are going to remember it.
  • Witty cleaning company slogans which can mimic your cleaning identity could be a great pick.
  • You aren’t going to change the name, again and again, to make sure that it is special and fits your business.

Is the Cleaning Company Name Idea Already In Use?

Finally, don’t forget to check the name you have chosen for your business from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office website.

List of Unique Cleaning Business Names

Take inspiration from these to come up with one that fits your identity:

Angels with Brooms
Anytime Clean

Best Choice
Best Maid
Bright & Blue
Bright & Night
Broom It
Bucket Busters
Bucket Cleaners
Butler & Maid

Classic Cleaners
Classic Mop
Clean & Clear
Clean & Cut
Clean & Dry
Clean & Fix
Clean & Shine
Clean Box
Clean Break
Clean Club
Clean cut
Clean Design
Clean Dreams
Clean Looks
Clean Machine
Clean Mark
Clean Mean
Clean X
Cleaner Bots
Cleaning Fairy
Cleaning Office
Cleaning Robo
Cleaning Shine
Cleaning Wizard
Clear Dirt
Cry Dust
Crystal Clear(/font)

Dirt & Bust
Dirt & Dry
Dirt & Shine
Dirt Bugs
Dirt Busters
Dirt Minions
Dirt Police
Dirt Rescue
Drip & Dry
Dry & Broom
Dry & Clear
Dry & Clear
Dust Bugs
Dust bunny
Dust Bust
Dust Busters
Dust Cleaners
Dust Cleaners
Dust Eaters
Dust Friends
Dust It
Dust Minions
Dust Rescue

Extreme Clean

Feather & Dust
Filth Cult
Filth Fighters
Fits Your Style
Floor to Ceiling Cleaners
Fresh Mornings
Fresh Season

Germ Busters
Germ cleaners
Germ Killers
Girls with Brooms
Girls With Mops
Glitter & Shine
Good Start Cleaning
Green Clean
Greener Cleaner
Grime Busters
Grime Busters
Grime Crime
Grime Day Out
Grime Devils

Happy cleaners
Happy maids

Keep it Clean
King of Maids

Lean Mean Clean
Lemon Fresh
Lift & Clean
Look Good
Looks & Smell
Lust for Dust

Magic Maids
Magical broom
Magical cleaners
Magical dusting
Magical moppers
Magical Rag Moppers
Maid & Butler
Maid 2 order
Maid at Home
Maid Bots
Maid Brigade
Maid for Dirt
Maid for hire
Maid for Perfection
Maid for Shine
Maid it Clear
Maid Magic
Maid to Blossom
Maid to Clean
Maid to Clear
Maid to Dry
Maid to Please
Maid to Shine
Maid to Spark
Maid to Twinkle
Master’s Touch
Mix Cleaners
Modern Cleaners
Modern Maids
Mop & Clean
Mop it All
Mop Maid
Mop to Wash
Mud Cleaners

Neat n broom
Neat n clean
Neat n tidy
No Dust with Us
No Mark Left
No Spot Left

On-Spot Cleaners

Partners in Grime
Perfect Cleaning
Perfection Adorned
Pixie Dust Busters
Pixie Dusters
Polish Perfection
Priority Cleaners
Pristine Clean
Pro Cleaners
Professional Perfection

Rainbow Cleaning
Rainbow Dryers
Rent a Maid

Scrub & Dry
Scrub & Dust
Scrub & Mop
Spark & Clean
Spark & Dry
Spark Clear
Sparkle Butler
Sparkle Cleaning Service
Sparkle Fairy
Sparkle Queen
Sparkle Star
Spin & clean
Spin & clear
Spin & mop
Spin & shine
Spin & top
Spotless Maid
Spotless Shine
Stockholm Cleaners
Sunshine Cleaners
Super Maids
Sweep it Up
Sweeping Wash

Thorough Clean
Tick Tock Cleaning
Tidy Shine
Touch Up
True Shine
Twinkle Maid
Twinkle Shine

We Clean
We Mean to Clean
We Shine
Wet Broom
White Glove Cleaners

You Hate, We Clean
Your Neighbourhood Cleaners

Now that you have got a great business name ready. Take the next step and read the blogs below to Learn How to Promote your Cleaning Business to Get the Best Results.

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